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The results of the recent survey of PCD members have been compiled and a summary of the data is now available.

Members who did not complete the survey but have pertinent feedback are welcome to contact the Executive Committee, either in person, via the comment box, or by email at pcd_ec[at]yahoogroups[dot]com.  


Princeton Country Dancers…

is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization whose mission is to carry on and promote traditional forms of American and English dancing, both historic and in modern interpretation.  We sponsor contra and English country dances, as well as Morris, Longsword, Rapper Sword, Molly, Garland, and May Pole dance teams, and a house Pick-Up Band.  All our events are open to the public.

v      Live music always

v      A different band each week

v      National and local talent

v      Once a month Pick-Up Band

v      Beginners welcome

v      No partner needed

2012 Wednesday PCD dance Video - September 22 - Bob Isaacs calling "Double Click" with Dancewiz

NEW - Buzz Step Swing Tutorial - Bob and Sue Dupré show us how it's done.

... and to see more PCD videos and photos: Photo Gallery

When we dance:

Every Wednesday evening (8-10:30pm) - Contra dance;

2nd Saturday of each month (8-11PM)  -  English country dance;

4th Saturday of each month (8-11pm)  -  Contra dance;

Selected Sundays (3-5pm) – Family dances.  Children welcomed and encouraged to dance and/or play in the Mixed Age Dance (MAD) Band!

Where we dance:

Regularly scheduled dances are held at the  Suzanne Patterson Center in Princeton, NJ

Special Events and workshops may be held at other locations.

Admission information:

Regular Wednesday dance*:        
$8 regular admission;
[Students / Limited Income, $5 to $8]

Saturday Dances*     $10 regular admission;
[Students / Limited Income, $5 to $10]

* Special events may have a different admission charge.

Beginners are welcome!  An Introduction to Basics workshop is offered before each dance (starts at 7:30pm for regularly scheduled dances).

Note on Gender Roles:  PCD is hoping to create a gender-neutral environment where dancers feel free to try out both roles. More on Dance Roles from the PCD Executive Committee.

To protect the floor of the hall,
please bring clean, SOFT-SOLED SHOES to dance in.

Also, in consideration of dancers with sensitivities,
please do not wear FRAGRANCES
.  Thanks!

We appreciate any help you can provide as a volunteer to set up and clean up
before or after the dance.

Directions to the Suzanne Patterson Center

from the community meeting
December 10, 2014


For more info about PCD: Call Sue at (609) 844-0459 or
Steve at (609) 275-7275

PCD maintains a regular email schedule - come to a dance and sign up

For site feedback or corrections, email the Webmaster
From the Volunteer Contacts link

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Upcoming Dances!

Full Schedule in
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Special Events!

Rum & Onions
Halloween Dance
Oct. 29, 2016

Head for the Hills
weekend in the Poconos
Nov. 11-13, 2016


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